New Teacher Comes to Leesville


On October 24, a new teacher was welcomed into the Math Department. Michael Taytro left his old job in Durham at Northern High to become part of Leesville teaching staff.

Taytro talked about what it was like at his former job and what he experienced there. “It did have it challenges it was a tremendously diverse group of people and sometimes [not only students but teachers] people just didn’t get along, they didn’t see each others viewpoints,” said Taytro.

The only schools he was willing to leave Northern High for was either Leesville or Stanford Middle. When Taytro first got the call from Aja Moody, a Leesville Administrator, he was not only excited but eager to do an interview for the available open teaching job here at Leesville.

“After I left the Interview, Ms. Moody told me they were going to be calling me very quickly, and I think I had my phone in my hand for the next two days waiting on that call back,” said Taytro.

When Taytro first got to Leesville, he couldn’t help but notice difference between his old and new students.

“The kids here are a little more accepting of taking risks in class, like they’re okay being wrong, but they’re excited at the same time to learn why they’re right. The kids at Northern are a little more hesitant to venture out and be wrong. That’s not to say anything bad — it’s just that the Leesville kids are more willing to take a chance and be a little more risky.”

Not only is Taytro happy, but his students are too. “I’m so glad that we finally have a permanent teacher now. Mr. Taytro is really funny, and he helps me understand the work in a lot of different ways. I’m really glad he’s here at Leesville,” said Meyers Taylor, a sophomore.

Taytro sees himself being an educator at Leesville for years to come. Even though he has only been at Leesville for a short while, he has only good things to say about his colleagues, students, and of what he’s seen of the school so far.


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