Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

With the new school year in full swing, that means clubs have started up again including the Latin club. The first meeting took place on Monday September 12th, with all future meetings occurring on the second Monday of every month during B lunch in the auditorium.

Latin club is open to all students, even those who don’t take the world language. Ashlyn Walton, a sophomore at LRHS who is a new member of the club said, “If you’re taking that language, or if you’re not taking the language, it’s a good way to make friends and learn about (Latin) culture.”

In the first meeting, club advisors Dr. and Mrs. Mash introduced themselves and all the officers of the club. Once everyone had been acquainted, the co-presidents went over some basic information like: what would occur at meetings, field trips, dues, and the National Latin Exam.

One of the field trips the club takes is the Fall Forum at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, which is taking place on Saturday, October 29th. The Forum is a great way to meet people who share the love for latin while also getting to explore a beautiful college campus. It is also is a great bonding experience for fellow LRHS club members. Haley Zoltoski, a LRHS senior and club officer said the forum is “a great experience and the people are really nice and it’s fun.”

Latin club is a fun way to meet new people while bonding over the world language. The next meeting is on Monday, October 10, in the auditorium during B lunch.

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