Carson Rainey’s Art is INKredible

Artwork is hung up all over the walls at Flying Burrito to decorate the restaurant. Among the display are many of Carson Rainey’s works of art.

Based on her involvement, Leesville could consider Carson Rainey to be one of their most outstanding students. Aside from being senior class president, stage manager of Peter and the Starcatcher, AP art student, former hair crew head, historian of International Thespian Society, and president of Art National Honors Society, Rainey has been selling her art through Wymzical Studios, a company she created, as well as in local restaurant Flying Burrito.

“I’ve been an artist all my life. If I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t know who I [would be],” said Rainey. Rainey had decided to start selling her art online about three years ago.

Rainey works at Flying Burrito, a small but popular restaurant near Leesville Road High School, and asked to sell her pieces. “They like to support the people who work there,” said Rainey.

The restaurant uses original art pieces from local artists to decorate the restaurant. All of the art is for sale as a way to sell unique pieces and to show support for local artists. Among the creative and colorful display are many of Rainey’s works.

“She is extremely creative, she is technically sound, she’s good at what she does, she thinks outside of the box, and she’s a perfectionist,” said Robert Patterson, Rainey’s art teacher.

Many of Rainey’s works show a wide range of colors and exhibits advanced artistic techniques. She also shows talent in many different artistic areas such as canvas painting, drawing, and sketching. “I really like painting and drawing and I do a lot of [pieces] with pen and ink,” said Rainey.

Patterson has been Rainey’s art teacher for two years: “[Carson’s pieces are] unique to her, she has her own style,” said Patterson, “[They’re] very expressive, they’re bold, and the color scheme is very effective.”

Leesville students may or may not know that Rainey was the mastermind behind the senior wall design that truly is “legen17ary”. A lot of thought and planning went into the creation process of the wall. Rainey said that she didn’t want to use the classic “green and blue- school spirit” factor when she submitted her design because she “didn’t feel like it represented [the] senior class this year.”

In the end, her design was the favorite.

When random students and teachers at Leesville viewed Rainey’s online gallery for the first time, their reactions were nothing but positive:

  • “I’ve known Carson since sixth grade and she’s always been really artistic; I’m really happy she did our Senior wall this year,” said Leah Behrends, a Leesville senior.
  • “They seem deep, like there’s a lot of emotion in there. I like them, they’re meaningful. They seem so full of passion,” said Anne Waechter, an assistant principal at Leesville.
  • “She is amazing, there’s a story behind each of these paintings,” said Matthew Mugeni, a Leesville senior.
  • “I love the colors, I didn’t know she could draw like this. [Her artwork] is really good,” said Maggie Brown, a Leesville sophomore.
  • “The colors are very complimentary to the art, she uses grays but then adds color to the pieces; the pieces all compliment each other,” said Angela Scioli, a Leesville teacher.

Carson Rainey is an ambitious up and coming artist who uses her incredible talent and creativity to brighten the community with her unique and fascinating works of art.


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