Creative Writing Starts Their Year

The Creative Writing club meets in Room 131 every 2nd and 4th Thursday. This club is ran by Sarah White, a creative writing minor and the creative writing teacher.

The Creative Writing club had its first meeting in room 131 on Thursday, September 22. Some new and returning students made their way into the classroom of Ms. Sarah White, English Department and Creative Writing 1 Teacher, for the Creative Writing club that is held in her room every second and fourth Thursday.

Normal club meetings are routine. First, they will take care of club matters (such as meeting dates or pressing events). They then take the second half of the meeting to do activities such as writing prompts. The first meeting went by that routine with an introduction to the club worked in the mix.

The second half of the meeting was a time to practice writing. You chose a word, such as adoption, deadlines, or opening night, and you wrote on that subject, like a poem or a short story.

Candice Hall, senior, is returning for her second year in the club. She is a non-fiction writer, was last year’s Creative Writing Club VP, and a former student from White’s creative writing class. She explained her love of writing. “I’ve been writing since third grade,” said Hall. “I want to write on the side of my main job– almost as a side career.”

Meeting the new club members was fun for everyone. One of the new members is Sarah Timin, freshman. She intends to write as her career as well as a hobby. She enjoys writing fanfiction and has been writing for two years. She is also a prime example of not having to be in the class in order to be in the club.

White also gave a little bit about her backstory. An English major and creative writing minor at Earlham University in Indiana, it is evident that she has a passion for the art. She found her love of writing when she was only 4 years old. “I used to dictate stories to my parents, and I would illustrate them, and my dad or my mother would write them down. But probably it was my third grade teacher in elementary school that gave us creative writing prompts, and I just really liked that,” said White.

White says the club members can expect to not only have fun but collaborate with each other during the course of the year.

Whether they have previously been in the club or not, everybody there had one thing in common: a love of writing.


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