Leesville Road Gridlock Causes Headaches

The morning rush causes traffic on Leesville Road. Constant standstill of traffic creates a frustrating situation for most.

Everyday, Leesville Road is crowded with stand still traffic. For many drivers, just thinking about the amount of traffic they have to deal with is enough to cause a headache.

“It depends on what time of day it is, If it’s in the morning, when it’s time to come to school, it’s a nightmare. Which is why I come as early as possible,” said Tama Blackburn, a Leesville math teacher.

“Depending on the time you hit it [traffic], it can be bad,” said Erica Kingstep, a Leesville Librarian

The drivers who are used to the morning rush try to leave as early as possible–to avoid all the traffic they can. “I have to leave my house by 6:20 a.m. so that I get to school on time,” said Blackburn.

The traffic jams may be caused by current residential developments in the Leesville area. The fact that there are three schools along one road may have something to do with it also. “All those neighborhoods up there all have to come down Leesville Road in one direction and there’s only one lane so, everybody gets stuck,” said Blackburn.

Considering the large amount of people in the Leesville community and the number of accidents that have occurred on the Leesville Road itself; I would say that  expansion of the road is long overdue.


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