Leesville reaches out to Louisiana

A Leesville student puts his donations in a classroom box. Supplies will be collected until September 9. (Photo courtesy of Regan Harsa)

With all of the flooding and disaster that has struck Louisiana, the Leesville social studies department has decided to send donated school supplies to the Vermilion School District.


The social studies department and the National Honors Society have teamed up to send supplies to schools within the district. “The idea first came from Mrs. Eastman — who wanted to reach out and support an area in need,” said Stephanie Langlois, a Leesville history teacher. “With all of the disaster [in Louisiana] we can’t help but feel the need to support a school like our own,”.


“By doing this drive, us teachers are hoping the LRHS students will put themselves in the shoes of the students that aren’t only unable to be in the comfort of their own school but many of them in their own home” said Langlois. With a plan in place, the department is hoping to help get Louisiana’s schools back on track and along the way they hope to open the minds of Leesville students.  


Many students not only see this as ‘just another drive’  but feels it “hits close to home,” said Morgan Barnes, a LRHS student. “If we were in need, I would want people to be there to help us get back on our feet,” said Barnes.


There will be donation boxes for school supplies in classrooms, as well as home varsity games, until September 9.



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