Liaisons Welcome New Students during Lunch

New students to Leesville signed in.. Liaisons welcome new students and encourage them to ask them about their interests.

On August 29, 30 and 31, Leesville Liaisons welcomed the new students for the 2016-2017 school year in the breezeway between the middle and high schools. New students include the freshmen and transfer students of all other grades. Chick-fil-A sandwiches, cookies, chips and soda were provided for the students and liaisons as the new students made friends and learned about clubs and sports.  


Two of the new students TaNayaha and Ta’Niyaha Bullock, freshmen twins, previously attended Granville Magnet Middle School said the adjustment to high school is big — ”There is a lot more freedom, and a lot more to do,” said both.


Hannah Woody and Eliza Bohinski, Leesville Liaisons, were excited about the lunch; “I love sharing how awesome the school is to kids that don’t know a lot about it…I just love Leesville so much,” said Woody.


At the lunch, Liaisons walked around, talking and laughing with the new students, wearing name tags that said “Ask me about…” topics to ask about included sports, such as Football, Basketball or Gymnastics; clubs like Environmental Club or Executive Council. There were even some name tags that stated “Ask me about Anything!”.


“We just want to make sure [the new students] feel welcomed and feel like this is their home and we are a part of their family,” said Woody.


The Liaisons will also be taking new students to home football games, where they will be teaching them traditions and cheers.


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