Dangerous Temperatures cancel Leesville XC Meet

Due to high temperatures, the number of cross country meets cancelled continues to rise. The team has already had three meets cancelled but looks ahead to the next race.. Photo courtesy of Abby Hemming.

On Wednesday night as Leesville cross country girls prepared for a home meet against the Broughton Capitals, the meet was suddenly cancelled due to high temperatures.The race which was supposed to kick off at 6:30 PM had been cancelled just a mere 45 minutes before.

In a surprising turn of events, the race was called off due to dangerous running conditions.

The NCHSAA Handbook states that all athletics must be suspended if the temperature rises to ninety degrees or higher. At ninety degrees, an athlete’s chances of developing a heat disorder increases exponentially. Common symptoms for someone with a heat disorder include being weak, lightheaded, nauseous, confused and collapsing.

The Leesville girls that were scheduled to run reacted to the news of a cancelled meet in different ways. Amber Mitchell, a LRHS freshman and new member of the team said,“I was very sad when I found out our meet against Broughton was cancelled because our team has been working so hard and races are such a great way to showcase that.”

While Gabby Groom, a LRHS sophomore said, “I was a little upset because I was already dressed and walking out the door to leave. She did, though, go on to say, “It does help me prepare even more for the next race coming up; it helps me want to do better even more than before.”

While the girls didn’t get the chance to run on Wednesday, members of the team have started gearing up for the next race, Friday Night Lights. Gabby Groom said, “I love encouraging others and having people encouraging me. I love how positive the (racing) environment is.”
The race takes place at Leesville on Wednesday, September 14, with the girls running at 6:30 PM.  Everyone is welcome so come cheer on your Leesville girls!


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