Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

On April 3, the application to join the National Honors Society was released. Students must meet four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

The National Honors Society, founded in 1921, is a nationwide organization that recognizes high-achieving students. Members are to be good students but also all-around good citizens. Being in NHS is an honor and also appears impressive on college applications.

A board of five faculty members will decide who is inducted into the LRHS chapter in 2016. To meet all of the criteria, applicants should maintain a 3.6 GPA, have leadership duties, and perform service hours.

The application is due on May 13. However, because of the complicity of the application, students are encouraged to attend one of five informational sessions in April to complete the application properly. As one might expect, many students are eager to apply.

Alli Van Leten, senior, serves as treasurer of NHS. “It’s a pretty big honor, and inside the club we try to do a lot of community service and help out the school,” Van Leten said. “Over a hundred people got inducted this year, including junior and seniors… there are four parts of the application, so it’ll be exciting to see who gets inducted.”

The lengthy application is due by Friday, May 13, to Ms. Langlois, who is to be contacted with any questions regarding NHS.

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