Leesville Spiritwear for Everyone

Tyler Stocum and Baldwin Bell representing Leesville baseball through spiritwear on a gameday. With the support of the PTSA and the community, everyone could be supporting the team on game days in the near future.

At Leesville Road High School, supporting the school through spirit wear is a right of passage. Through spirit wear, we are supporting not only our school, but some of our favorite sports teams and clubs. Unfortunately, spirit for teams other than football are only sold to the players of the sport.

If you don’t have friends or family, the chances that you get your hands on Leesville baseball T-shirts are slim. So, the question stands– why not sell spirit wear for all teams to anyone willing to purchase it?

In a series of interviews with some of the coaches here at Leesville, the overall response to the idea of selling spirit wear to all students was positive.

Jason Wyss, Sarah Cade, and Russ Frazier were all asked a few questions regarding the process of ordering spirit wear for the teams, and what they would think about extending the opportunity of buying spirit wear to everyone.

When asked his opinion of expanded the market for spirit wear to all students, Frazier said, “I like the idea of selling all sports wear throughout the school, it’s a good thing, the fact that someone wants to wear a shirt with Leesville basketball all over it would be great.”

He then explained the process of the teams buying the gear and made a valid point in why it has always been easier to give the gear exclusively to the teams.

Frazier said, “The thing is, it’s set up, and it’s easier to take 12-14 orders to take 60 orders. And with the fact that the sports spirit wear runs through a website and the kids go to the website and order their things on their own, it is a lot easier for them to take care of that which makes it easier for the coaches too.”

Cade and Wyss agreed with Fraizer — they would also really enjoy seeing their school community supporting not only their teams, but all of the teams.

Cade gave specific reasons as to why it would be a great opportunity for others to support the soccer teams.

Cade said, “The soccer team has won 6 state championships since the school has been open, 3 for girls and 3 for boys. I think this is an actual program that people are interested in supporting– not even just Leesville students– so some soccer spirit wear being sold at football games and in the hallways would be a really awesome opportunity for the team and others.”

However, there are some coaches who would prefer to have some (or all) of the gear exclusively sold to the athletes only. So, we offered a hypothetical solution to this problem. What if there was still items for only the team to purchase, and another set of options for those who just want to support the team?

Wyss spoke for all when he said, “I think the money goes to the same place, these guys buy their stuff and it pays for them. So if we were to extend it, it goes to Leesville athletics, and it’s just another way to help us out and raise more money.”

To understand all sides of this argument, students on the sports teams were also asked how they would feel if presented the chance to represent their friends, but also see their friends represent them, too.

Hannah Willard, a sophomore on the girls JV soccer team, said, “Oh I would [buy another sports teams spirit wear] no doubt. I’d also love to support my friends. It’s all about Leesville Football, coming from a player on a different sports team, it would be so cool to see our teams supported just as much.”

Landon Choboy, a sophomore on the varsity baseball, said, “I feel like we need more people reppin Leesville baseball because it’s only us. So if we’re walking around and see other people wearing our stuff that would make us feel supported — I’d like that. I feel like a variety of things to purchase for everyone would be great. Obviously we’d get the playing stuff, but if you guys could get some nice gear that’d be cool, too.”

Collectively, it seems as if there is no one against the idea of more support to all teams, and more funding towards the athletic department.

So, in the very near future it is very possible that there will be more options available for purchase here in the Leesville sports community.

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