Why high school kids should follow Tasty

In the YouTube video from Tasty screenshotted above, Tasty chefs prepare one-pan garlic chicken pesto in under 40 seconds. Tasty somewhat revolutionizes the way this generation learns to cook by making their how-to videos so short and captivating. (Photo courtesy of YouTube.

It’s not surprising that as of 2011, 28% of Americans don’t know how to cook their own meals. The Huffington Post cites that half of those who can’t cook have someone in their family who can and does, while the other half just “doesn’t have the time.”

Fortunately for those who “don’t have the time” to cook their own meals, Buzzfeed’s Tasty has them covered. Tasty is an extension of the Buzzfeed website that posts a wide variety of easy to follow recipes. But, Tasty’s most notable feature is the time-lapse videos of people making the dishes from a first person perspective. It is most likely the reason Tasty beats out similar websites, especially when it comes to teenagers and college students.

Why? Because the videos always take less than a minute or two to watch, and they show exactly how the preparation of the meal works as if the viewer was the one making it. There’s no need to watch a thirty minute cooking show, and in this generation, there’s not always time for that.

The simplicity of Tasty should primarily appeal to students who are constantly on the go. Regardless of whether or not those kids can cook, they are usually the ones who eat out the most due to time constraints. However, the recipes Tasty offers are cheap, easy and quick to make, and as a bonus are usually more appealing than costly food options around the area.

Not to mention, many of the recipes Tasty posts are fairly healthy (although fattening appetizer-esque dishes are common) and require simple ingredients that every high schooler or college student would have access to.

Perhaps the only flaw would be that some recipes require a knowledge of more advanced cooking skills. For example, if someone is unsure of how to cook chicken or steak properly, they may struggle with that aspect of the recipe if it calls for it. That’s an easy fix now thanks to Google search, but regardless, Tasty is a handy website inexperienced cookers can almost always benefit from.

Tasty is available to follow on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



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