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Map of the Dead might be just the app for you

It’s dark, and you’re running fast. You hear the sounds of gurgling and screeching behind you, and your blood boils as you realize you might not make it out of this alive. You near a familiar brick building, Leesville Road High School, and decide that you’ll camp out there until the hordes of the undead pass. The next morning, you go out scavenging at the local restaurants, pharmacies, hardware stores and abandoned homes: CVS, Rite Aid, Lowes, Food Lion. Even Goodberry’s might have a few bottles of water, a first aid pack, or possibly a submachine gun.

This description befits the app Map of the Dead – Zombie Apocalypse Survival. In MOTD, players are flung into their neighborhoods where zombies now reign supreme, and they must scavenge their surroundings for food, weapons, and armor. The game allows you to root through businesses and homes within a 1.5 mile radius of your location. And don’t worry: Even around Leesville, there are upwards of twenty locations to explore, including Arby’s, the Raleigh Police Precinct, and even the Cozy Cat Pet Hospital.

When you enter a lootable building, you are faced by a random number of zombies depending on how much “risk” there is in entering it, on a scale of one to four (one being only a few zombies and four being reminiscent of a Walking Dead season finale).

You have to then fight the zombies with any weapon you can get your hands on: lead pipes, baseball bats, pistols, molotov cocktails, even a butter knife will suffice.

The combat is turn-based, so you’ll make your move, and then the zombies will strike you back. Once you kill all the zombies, you can enter the location and take its contents.

Map of the Dead – Zombie Apocalypse Survival is available for free on the App Store.


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