Duck Donuts catching on

Duck Donuts serves delicious, fresh donuts each day. Everyone is greeted by the friendly duck on the door and welcomed to the fun atmosphere.

Duck Donuts has taken Raleigh by storm. “What started as a whim, far-fetched idea, a fun project, about ten years ago” said Russell DiGilio, founder, on the Duck Donuts website, has turned into a huge success.

Serving thousands of people a day, duck donuts has won the hearts of the public.

“Saturdays and Sundays are our busiest days, but Sundays probably top all days,” said Amber Wilcox, manager.

Duck Donuts, welcomed to Raleigh with open arms as it has expanded from its original location in the Outer Banks. Their goal as an eatery is to offer a clean, courteous, unique, family friendly environment that has been keeping customers coming back for more than 10 years.

The donut that most rave about is the maple bacon. Like all donuts, employees use a vanilla cake donut and top it with maple frosting and then sprinkled with bacon bits. There are many more options besides this fan favorite, like a donut sundae?

Wilcox’s favorite donut is just their plain chocolate frosting with rainbow sprinkles.


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