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Three Drug Stores, One Spot

Currently, another drugstore, Walgreens, is being added to the Leesville, Strickland intersection. It seems ridiculous since there is already a CVS and Rite-Aid at this intersection. But, clearly Walgreens sees it as a great financial move especially since they bought Rite-Aid for 17.2 billion dollars a couple months ago.

Although nothing can be done about the Walgreens on Strickland, students of Leesville still are dwelling on their ideas of what could’ve been. Frustrated about there being three drugstores in one spot, many voice their opinions on what would have been better for the Leesville, Strickland intersection.

Shannon Hardy, senior, said, “I think it’s just really stupid. They could have built something way more useful like a Cook Out or Chick-Fil-A or something we can eat.”

Hardy enthusiastically explained– “First of all Cook Out. There is no close Cook Out, and when I want some hush puppies, I have to drive like twenty minutes. And second of all, there is already two other pharmacies literally right in the same shopping center, and a third one is just ridiculous.”

Elizabeth Gamble, sophomore, just thinks it’s a bad idea and like most students “a restaurant, specifically a Cook Out, should be built there.”

Competition will end up taking place between the three drugstores. Having multiple stores of the same target audience will end up competing for revenue, and it’s a matter of time before one runs the other out of business.

A poll held on The Mycenaean Twitter account confirmed both Hardy’s and Gamble’s belief that a Cook Out would be way better than yet another drugstore. Out of 134 students about 100, 75%, would rather have a Cook Out. The rest of the voters believe anything else but another pharmacy.

Residents around the area will just have to wait and see if Walgreens’ new financial move is a hit or a total miss.



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