Jostens delivers graduation products to seniors

Students wait in line to receive their orders. Despite the long line, students were served rather quickly by the Jostens representatives. (Photo Courtesy of Sloane Coble)

On March 23, Jostens delivered graduation products to seniors. The delivery table was set up in the main lobby during SMART lunch. Students, depending on what they ordered, received items such as graduation announcements and invitations. Miscellaneous items such as senior-themed sweatshirts will be delivered to the home of the student directly.

Waiting on one table to deliver products to a horde of seniors may seem like a rather daunting task, but for some, it was quite the contrary. “I got [to the line] really quickly, so it didn’t take very long. I was maybe in line for five minutes,” said Madison Pendergraft, senior.

The event went well due to an efficient system. The students who had not paid the amount owed in full were required to give the rest of the amount at the time of delivery. If not, students only gave their last name and received their long-awaited packages, which were originally ordered at the beginning of the school year.

This is not the only delivery date seniors have to look forward to; caps and gowns will be delivered on Friday, May 6.
If a student did not receive what they ordered, or needed to order something and did not, they should have taken the issue up with the representative in the lobby. If they did not, they may contact representative Jubal Stagner at


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