Being married to a coworker

Leesville is home to three sets of teacher couples. Although there is a stigma around dating (or eventually marrying) a coworker, these teachers know how to make their relationships work.

“It all began with hall duty in the fall of 1994…I was a second year teacher from the other side of the state…she was returning to the area (she was from Edenton, NC…we were working at Perquimans County High in Hertford, NC) after just graduating from Meredith College…

Working together gives us an opportunity to catch up on family stuff at times when we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do so…

Teaching is as much a lifestyle as it is a vocation, so it helps that your spouse knows what kind of demands that you are subject to at work…

School departments compartmentalize information to an extent. With both of us working in different departments, we get to see what is going in from multiple perspectives…

We have summers off together with our kids.”

Andy & Sandra Hunt

Dating my future wife in the days when LRHS first opened was the happiest time in my life. We were both super busy…Heather with the Menagerie, me with Soccer, both of us were flying through 12 hour teaching days. However we found the time for each other…. we would meet at the movies, go for walks or for dinner and call it quits around 11 or midnight….she was and is the best thing that’s ever happened to me…we loved our school and Leesville led us to each other….it’s a love story.

Paul & Heather Dinkenor

We met in Greek class at the University of Texas in 1997. In 1998 Mark moved to North Carolina for graduate school. In 2001 I also came to Chapel Hill for graduate school and we started dating. We married in 2002. A few months later, Mark started working at Leesville. Ryan and Ethan were born in 2004 and I started working at Leesville in 2006. Being married to a co-worker is great! I don’t think either of us has ever minded!

Mark & Carrie Mash


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