Berg’s Buttons

Emma Berg posing with her button making kit and modeling some examples of Berg’s Buttons. Bracelets can be purchased for $1 or $2.

Emma Berg doesn’t consider herself a young entrepreneur, though she could. What started off as a personal hobby has recently transformed into a small side business for the Leesville senior. Berg’s bracelet-making company was dubbed the name Berg’s Buttons after a number of her friends requested the bracelets after seeing her wear them.

The summer of her freshman year, Berg created her first button bracelet at Camp Kanata. After this, she started to make more bracelets for her friends until her hobby was cut short due to a double knee surgery.

“I made a bracelet at camp and started wearing it around. Everyone who saw it kept asking me where I got it, and I would tell them I made it, and everyone just thought that was the coolest thing. After that someone, gave me a bunch of buttons and then people started asking me to make them, so I started creating the button bracelets,” said Berg.

It wasn’t until about a month ago that Berg re-picked up the hobby, but this time the bracelets sparked greater interest from her peers. The new want for her bracelets now allows Berg to shape her favorite pastime into a small business.

“The buttons are very unique, and it’s a fun product. Making the bracelets was a great idea that she started and it’s a trend that I love. Berg’s Buttons are A1,” said Jenna Lyon, a senior and customer of Berg’s Buttons.

Berg keeps it simple with her design– a piece of stretch cord and a variety of colorful buttons. Each bracelet is handmade by Berg herself and costs $1-$2 depending on the intricacies of buttons the customer requests.

“I would consider myself a small business. I am all about shop local. For me, I would say I am a starting entrepreneur. It’s just so important to be able to do this and open my eyes to the way business works. I’m kind of just training myself for my future endeavours in business and sales. All of it really ties into my hobby of making buttons and being artistic and using my passions for something I love,” said Berg.

Berg has sold roughly 50 button bracelets and currently has 12 orders pending from students and parents in the Leesville community.

“I purchased my Berg’s Buttons when Emma first started making them. I was one of the original customers. I sport my buttons every day,” said Cailley Michaud, senior.

Berg’s Buttons is a small, personal business at the moment but one day Berg is looking to grow the company.

“I have thought about expanding to local venders but I have to perfect my technique first and make sure I have the time. I will do this possibly over the summer,” said Berg.

If interested in ordering an original Berg’s Buttons bracelet, contact Emma Berg at or follow her Twitter account @bergs_buttons.


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