Update on the Leesville Cats

As many Leesville know, the Leesville cats keep their distance from students and staff during the school day. If you are interested in seeing the cats, the best time to see them is to go is early morning or late at night.

Leesville is home to more than just students and staff, it is also home to Leesville’s little lions. Leesville’s little lions are our native cats that roam the school’s campus day and night. You have probably seen the cats through the bushes by the main stairs going up to the student parking lot, or running around the parking lot. But, there is one person here at Leesville that sees the cats more than anyone — and that’s our security guard George Hill.

“There are four cats that I know of now; they more or less just roam around the parking lot. If it is a sunny day, they will come over besides the steps (main staircase) and sun themselves. And on cold mornings, once students get out of their cars, the cats start going out under the cars to get some heat,” said George.

If you have ever been close to one of Leesville’s cats, you know that they keep their distance from students or staff that pass by. But, there are some Leesville students who feel like it is their responsibility to take care of the cats, by feeding them or bringing blankets for them to sleep on.

“They (the cats) like Cookout quesadillas more than any other living creature on the planet,” said Graham Holmes, senior. “Before every football game, we would always go to Cookout, and I could never finish the quesadillas, so I just would throw them over to the stairs, and the cats would just swarm in,” said Holmes.

The cats at Leesville are very well cared for. The Leesville PTSA has volunteers that come feed and clean the cat areas.

If you are interested in caring for the leesville cats, contact the Leesville PTSA and find out what you can do!


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