Rescheduled days released for snow days

Eric Fitz, Graham Holmes, and Carson Conklin enjoying the last snow day. The first snow day is being made up on February 15.

The effects of winter snow resulted in shutting down most of Raleigh after Governor Pat McCrory declared North Carolina in a state of emergency. Wake county schools closed down Friday January 22 and Monday January 25 due to hazardous road conditions, and followed by a three-hour delay on Tuesday. The snow days are now being made up on February 15 and March 24 for traditional-calendar students.

Because of last year’s snowy season, this year Wake County schools is planning on exceeding the state’s required 1,025 annual hours of instruction time by adding three extra minutes to each class. This extra time is being added with the intention to forgive the first three snow days from being made up this school year, but school board members decided that it would be best for students to not miss instructional time.

“We’re preserving instructional time and professional development,” Christine Kushner, school board, said back in April according to an interview with the News and Observer.

The original days students had off, President’s Day on February 15 and a teacher work day on March 24, will now be replaced with regular school days. The teacher work day rescheduled for a school day is the last day before spring break.

For the next snow days, Wake county would convert the half days on February 12 and March 4 to full days to replace one single day. The following snow day after that would be a full day of classes on Saturday April 16.

Worst case scenario, spring break would be cut short. March 30, 31, and April 1 would be the make up days, but after last year’s events, Wake county is trying to avoid this as much as possible.

Senior’s absences last year did not count toward senior exemptions over the spring break makeup days, but this year seniors will be responsible.

In case of more snow days, visit for official updates and information on cancellations and rescheduled days.


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