Leesville’s trip to Windy Gap

In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, excited Leesville Young Life Campers head to “club” to have worship. The beautiful scenery is a highlight of the campers experience.

On October 16 through 18, Leesville students involved in Young Life traveled to Windy Gap. Young Life is a Christian organization brought into high schools to give students a chance to practice fellowship and be an active member of a ministry in a safe, welcoming atmosphere. Leesville students hauled their way into the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains to the camp in a packed charter bus filled to the brim with anticipation for the weekend that lay ahead.

After a long, hectic 5 or so hours, Leesville’s 75 attending students rushed out of the bus into the freezing chilly air of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Suffering from their short lived “starvation”, the students are lead to the mess hall.The activities start up right away with “club” first, where students sing songs, watch skits, and listen to a speaker.

The attractions at Windy Gap are endless, yet it’s almost more fun to just hang in “cabin time” or in the camp store and cafe, “The Sippie”. Despite the mid 50 degree chilly weather, the camp offers many water activities that were extremely popular amongst the students.The pool and hot tub are great for a dip and the zipline, blob, and slide lead screaming teens plunging to the freezing water. For the daring, a climbing tower leading into a whopping 50 feet in the air is available, as well as a rock wall and high ropes course.

To ride through the beautiful scenery, the camp offers horseback riding through the winding trails throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains where campers can also hike and explore. For the athletic, basketball, volleyball, and disc golf courts are provided where competition is constantly flowing.

Students who attended camp normally come back a changed person–or at least that is what is hoped for. Whether it’s just by losing your voice and being extremely exhausted, the new friendships made, or the growth in relationship with God and new findings in faith, Windy Gap leaves a lasting impression on each and every person. A guaranteed “post camp depression” will be experienced, leaving everyone missing the best weekend of their lives.


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