You need the app: Drop Messages

The photo is the Drop Messages app. Screenshoted by Drew Walczyk.

Drop Message, a new social media app, could have the potential to become very popular. Essentially, it is Instagram, Twitter, and Yik Yak combined, yet it provides its own new twist to social media.

“Drop Messages allows you to find photos from accounts you follow at real world locations. You will also receive alerts when your friends visit places where you have left a Drop! Our users love showing up at locations and seeing posts from friends,” said team drop in their welcoming email.

A DROP is equivalent to a tweet on Twitter, but a DROP is associated with a location so that anyone near that location can view it. The app allows you to view DROPs within a certain radius of your current location; you can set your radius to 1, 5, 10, 25, 50,100 miles or even worldwide. However, you can set the location to “Stealth Mode” so that only your friends can view your drop.

“The app lets you view nearby posts, start private conversations when you visit posts, reply to your friends’ drops to get a conversation going, like their drops, leave drops when you are at cool places,” stated the app descriptions.

The new app’s publicity hasn’t been ideal, but it has received fantastic reviews from those who know about it. For a full description and reviews on the app visit here.


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