Snapchat unveils new update

The heart eyes special effect (above) is one of the most popular amongst Snapchat users. Snapchat’s new update, with an array of new features, gives the user a more interactive experience. (Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Spear)

Snapchat, the popular app used for instant photo messaging, unveiled an update that includes many new features. This update has taken social media by storm, as it has been praised by many but has also received some hate.

The update adds a variety of new aspects to the app, including new selfie tools, replay purchases, and a trophy case. The update may be daunting with so many new additions, but here’s how to make sense of it all.

The new selfie tool, which adds special effects to a user’s face, is the most significant change to the app. Simply put, the user must press down on their face, and after the camera has recognized it, a menu will appear with a variety of special effects. Then, the user can select one of the effects, follow the instructions to make it work, and then create a photo or video.

Some of the effects include making the user look older, a rainbow flowing from the users

mouth, and heart eyes. However, these effects do not stay forever. Everyday, Snapchat rotates in a new special effect, and takes one away.

The popularity of the special effects increasingly grows, and excitement surrounds what new effects will be introduced each day. However, not everyone enjoys the new update, “I think it ruins Snapchat…I don’t want a rainbow coming out of my mouth”, said Callie Boyce, sophomore.

The new selfie effects have been humorously used on cats, dogs, and even on Donald Trump during the Republican Presidential Debate on television.

Snapchat 2 Snapchat 1

The second update is the ability to buy more replays. On Snapchat, a replay enables a user to view someone else’s photo or video again, but only one can be used per day for free. Now, the app allows for 3 replays to be bought for $0.99, 10 replays for $2.99 and 20 replays for $4.99.

The third and final new Snapchat feature is the trophy case. A trophy is simply an emoji that represents an achievement on the app. For example, if a user sends a video snap, then a VHS tape emoji or “trophy” will appear.

The new update is very popular amongst teenagers and over social media, and will continue to entertain users. The new features will continue to serve as the new focal point of the app.


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