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FIT pre-college program available for high school students

Pre-college programs are dedicated to high school students to experience college life and take classes. Certain classes at specific schools offer college credit while others do not. Whether or not students receive college credit, it is a great opportunity to explore class options.

Jessie Browndorf, a senior at Leesville, attended a three week pre-college program (Summer Live) at the Fashion Institute of Technology, also known as FIT in New York City. Browndorf took two classes: fashion merchandising and fabric styling. These are actual classes offered at FIT.

“I would definitely [recommend a pre-college program]. It puts you into the classes you would be taking and [the school] knows your name, and you meet professors that you would have. It’s a really great opportunity,” said Browndorf

A few of the courses available are interior design, fashion forecasting, screenprinting, international fashion market, drawing, advertising and marketing communications, and the list continues.

The “Summer Live” program at FIT isn’t a course that offers college credit like some other pre-college programs. Students participating in this program are given the option if they want to take one or two classes.

“The best part was I got to take actual college courses if I went to FIT and it really put me into the atmosphere. The worst part… I didn’t really have a worst part, I really liked it all,” said Browndorf

Pre-college programs can help enrolled students decide if a certain school is the right fit for them and what kind of classes they may want to take in the future. After enjoying the three week program, Browndorf is applying to FIT for college where she hopes to pursue her career in fashion.

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