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Drumming Their Way to the Top

With one of the biggest home games in Leesville history already under their belt, Francisco Morales (seen above standing fourth to the right) and the Leesville drumline are hyped up and ready for a great season.

Like many people who join drumline, Morales has enjoyed playing the drums since he was just a kid. Despite this, Morales along with his fellow drummers agreed that while drumming is fun, the people around them are what make the experience so special. And when asked about the football games, his eyes simply lit up.

“It’s very intense (the football games),” said Morales with a laugh. “We try our best to please the crowd.”

However, pleasing the crowd does not come easy. Gaining the privilege to play at the events they have played at thus far–football games, Pride Launch, and one local marathon–requires them to put in hours of practice each day both in school and out of school.

This practice includes daily rehearsal during fourth period with the entire band (lead by the drum major), high speed work on the practice pads (quiet rubber drumming pads) during smart lunch, and even extra practice done at home.

“They do more than just what we do during fourth period or during rehearsal in the (school) day,” said Ms. Montgomery, the band director. “They really go above and beyond.”

So as the month of October closes in, remember to listen for the sound LRHS marching band. And if you happen to see them play, keep a watchful eye out for the drumline, chances are you will like what you hear.



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