• June 14, 2021


The summer of 2015 saw a new member of the Pride.  A Leesville family, with strong ties to the community, donated the moneys required to purchase and install the lion statue which sits in the circle.

The family acquired the statue after a long search for the appropriately fierce looking lion and donated it to the school later this past summer. For this family, who asked to remain anonymous, the donation of the lion was a representation of their gratitude toward the school rather than a need to be recognized.

Once delivered to the school, the lion was then approved by Dr. Muttillo and given the green light to begin installation. “Because the lion was a small structure, it was really not a complicated approval process,” said Dr. Muttillo.

Thanks to the help of the statue donors along with a few other Leesville families, the installation process was smooth and concise. Barbed two feet into the ground and strategically positioned toward the the football stadium, the lion will be able to welcome “spectators, students, and everybody else when they come into the school”, said Coach Rodgers.

As for potential vandalism, this ferocious lion fears nothing. Its sheer prominence will not only instill fear in the hearts of opponents but also allow us all to sleep a little better at night.


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