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Spanish Club Begins for 2015-16 school year

Several students gathered in the breezeway on Thursday, September 10, during SMART Lunch for a Spanish Club interest meeting. The officers were pleasantly surprised by the volume of students, as there were more than the previous year.

The officers discussed plans for the year: eating traditional Hispanic cuisine and the Adopt-a-Family fundraiser. Officers also took suggestions from potential members regarding what activities they would be interested in doing.

According to Antonia Dingeman, senior and secretary of the club, students should join Spanish Club “to indulge in the Hispanic culture and learn about Hispanic celebrations.” There will be a strong focus on Hispanic culture itself in this year’s Spanish Club.

However, there was also a strong focus on promotion entering the school year. Anna Woodhouse, senior and president of Spanish Club,  explained, “This year, we’ve done a lot more advertising and a whole lot more things that will get everybody involved.”

Spanish club officers put up posters and have made a Twitter to connect with students online (@lrhsspanishclub). Woodhouse believes that the promotion will excite potential Spanish Club members.

“I joined Spanish Club because I like Spanish and it looks good on college applications,” said Anna Gold, a sophomore. “I was very impressed by the officers.”

Excitement is clearly in the air surrounding the club. “It should be less about a meeting and more about doing things as a community,” Woodhouse concluded.

The first official Spanish Club meeting will be held on Monday, September 21. The club will continue to  meet on the third Monday of each month.



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