• July 27, 2021

On Thursday September 17, Leesville held its first NHS meeting during the second half of lunch. Juniors and seniors inducted into the society the night before gathered in the auditorium to discuss the responsibilities of being in the club.

In order to be accepted in NHS, students fill out an extensive application. A wide variety of service, leadership experience and a GPA of at least 3.5 are required of the applicants in order to have a shot at getting in. The ones that are accepted typically go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

After the application process is over, students that are accepted are relieved to have gotten in, but also excited about finally joining. Kendall York, a junior who is new to the club, explained his reasoning behind joining: “I feel strongly about the traits that NHS promotes and I want to put myself in that kind of environment where I can be around fellow leaders and people that share the same values as me.”

Olivia Huckel, senior, is the the president of NHS. Since students can only be a part of NHS as juniors and seniors, Huckel worked hard her junior year to earn her role as president. She describes NHS as ”a club to recognize the student scholars who have outstanding character, service, and leadership and for the students to emphasize those traits in the community.” Huckel controls almost every aspect of the club as well as how it runs. She coordinates all of the meetings, oversees the executive officers and manages all of the service NHS does for the community. She is vital to the success of the club.

NHS has been a club at Leesville for many years now. It gives students recognition for all of their hard work and provides them with a chance to give back to their community and school. Through NHS, students also develop leadership and people skills that can benefit them in the long run.


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