• June 14, 2021

It is safe to say that Kylie Jenner is queen of all social media. With 36.6 million Instagram followers, 11.5 million Twitter followers, a reality T.V. show and her own clothing line; the 18 year old is no stranger to fame. Infact, Kylie’s fame seems to be increasing everyday, and her latest fad is the release of her own app.

For those that have not already downloaded the Kylie Jenner app, it works much like a global Snapchat story. Every 24 hours the app refreshes and new information about Kylie’s outfits, hair, location, likes and dislikes and personal drama are posted.

Only on the Kylie Jenner app will you learn Kylie’s motives for all of her outfits, and how to “cop my style” as she calls it for every outfit. This feature allows app members to purchase styles similar to Kyle, but at prices more appropriate for her teenager followers. With this Kyle also dishes out her secret beauty tips and shares where she gets all her body confidence from.

If Kylie’s beauty secrets and styles aren’t enough for you, don’t worry. If you keep swiping left more information on Kylie pops up. This information varies daily, but usually consists of her “favorite song”, her “favorite snack”, her favorite “trend” and her favorite “hashtag”. And if this isn’t enough Kylie Jenner for you, there’s more. Keep swiping left and you will find selfie videos of Kylie and her friends, or find videos of Kylie with her famous sisters.

The Kylie app offers Kylie’s followers more intel on her world, and lets her followers experience what it is truly like to live a day like Kylie Jenner. If this is something that interests you, all that you have to do is download the free app. Once you have downloaded the app, you are given a 7-day free trial. Once this trial expires there is a fee to maintain a membership to the Kylie app.  

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