• January 23, 2020

As summer quickly approaches, students are working hard to get in shape for those long weekends at the beach. Due to its easy accessibility, Fitness 19 is usually the go-to fitness center for Leesville students, but an even better center available is Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness is located near Bojangles, so in terms of its accessibility, Planet Fitness does not differ much from Fitness 19. But it does differ in the environment it provides its members. PF strives to eliminate all “gymtimidation” and create a “judgement free zone” since going to the gym regularly is tough enough as it is. PF does exactly this by making sure to greet each member with a smile as they arrive. PF is also extremely colorful and open, meaning there’s plenty of room to breathe (made easier by the huge ceiling fans).

The most important part of every gym is the equipment it offers. The equipment at PF is relatively basic, but it serves its purpose. For cardio, the gym includes an abundance of treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes. These face numerous televisions that play everything from sports to MTV. For those more advanced, the gym also offers dumbbells and different arm/leg/ab machines. By providing a variety of equipment, PF gives members the opportunity to improve skills and easily venture out of their comfort zones.

And for members worried about sanitation, everything at PF is kept very clean. Trash cans with paper towel rolls and sanitizing spray bottles are located all around the facility. Members are encouraged to use these tools to clean the machines after they are finished. In addition to these efforts, the PF staff regularly cleans every piece of equipment–just as they’re supposed to.

PF offers two types of affordable memberships to anyone interested. There’s the $10/month plan, which offers all of the basics like a free T-shirt, unlimited access to all gym equipment and access to PF fitness training. For people wanting more benefits, the $19/month plan offers everything the $10 plan offers plus merchandise discounts, the use of their tanning facility, as well as free access to any PF location around the country.

No matter what fitness center Leesville students choose, going to the gym regularly reaps great physical and emotional benefits. However, the workout friendly environment Planet Fitness offers is unbeatable.

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