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Model U.N. competes, wins at UNC

In the past two years, Leesville’s Model U.N. team has gone through a major reboot.

Model U.N. isn’t a new club at Leesville, but its members are finally starting to take it seriously. In past years, members would skip out on conferences and not do their work. However, in recent years, members have been picking up the pace and working hard.

“[Model U.N.] has been around forever, but…[it] did not become what it is now until last year,” said Nancy Mosley, the Model U.N. advisor.

At the Model U.N. Appalachian conference, several members won awards, including a Best Delegate award. At Model U.N. Chapel Hill, two students won vocal commendations, and two won honorable mentions.

“It was always just kind of…a fall apart kind of club so it’s really exciting to finally…have some team spirit up in there,” said Lauren Hudak, the Model U.N. vice president.

Model U.N. is a club at many schools where students can participate in mock U.N. conferences. Students must research and represent different countries and their standpoints, and each conference tries to replicate the actual U.N. to the best of its ability.

There are different committees, such as the World Health Organization and the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee. Some conferences also have joint crisis committees, which are additional committees that are not in the real U.N.  At Model U.N. Chapel Hill, there was a “Pirates of the Caribbean” committee, as well as a “War of 1812” committee.

Leesville’s Model U.N. team plans on continuing to work hard and strives to earn even more awards than this year. If you are interested in joining Model U.N., contact Ms. Mosley at nmosley@wcpss.net.



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