HomesportsThe battle for best in the county

The battle for best in the county

This past Saturday, January 24, all of the cheerleading teams in the county went head-to-head to see which team is the best in their division and in the county.

All of the cheerleading teams in Wake County, both junior varsity and varsity, traveled to Heritage High School on Saturday to participate in the 2015 Wake County Cheerleading Competition. Both the Leesville junior varsity and varsity teams were among the many that competed.

The Leesville junior varsity cheerleaders competed in the junior varsity small all-girl division, while the Leesville varsity cheerleaders competed in the varsity large co-ed division.

Both teams spent the past few weeks practicing and perfecting their routines.

“We prepared for the competition by practicing a lot and being together as a whole,” said Isabella Block, a freshman on the junior varsity cheerleading team. The JV cheer team suffered an injury only two days before the competition. The girls dedicated the following 24 hours to re-choreographing their routine.

The varsity cheerleading team practiced every day after school for two hours and traveled to the Carolina Legacy All-Star Cheer and Dance gym to work with some of the coaches there for advice and critiques. Not one detail was left unnoticed before stepping onto the competition floor.

“My team’s performance was amazing! We have worked so hard over the year and I think it really pays off when we hit the floor. My team prepared for this competition like we’d never won and performed like we’d never lost,” said Audrey Macia, a sophomore on the varsity cheerleading team.

Before stepping onto the mat, Coach Reathaford, varsity cheerleading coach, gave the team an encouraging pep talk to calm their nerves and to remind them what their true focus was: bringing down the house. After of long day of preparation, nerves and hard work, the junior varsity cheerleaders took home the third place trophy while the varsity cheerleaders placed first in their division.

As the cheerleading season slowly approaches an end, the varsity cheerleading team is still hard at work preparing for their next (and final) competition of the season where they will once again face their biggest competitors.

UPDATE (February 4): The cheerleading team has decided to not compete in the Feb. 21 competition; therefore, their competition season is over. They will, though, continue to cheer at basketball games.

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