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Enter Shikari has always been a band to cross genre lines. Although rooted in post-hardcore, the British group has utilized elements of electronica, and even spoken throughout their discography, to great effect; a duality groups such as Muse have failed to wield.

Riding off the success of 2012’s A Flash Flood of Colour, Enter Shikari is one of the only charting bands today that can be said to have a truly distinct sound. With the recent release of The Mindsweep, Enter Shikari manages to further finesse and fine-tune their sound as they dive further-and-further into a angered political message.

Singles “The Last Garrison” and “Anaesthetist” were released as teasers for the album and quickly became the most successful tracks. “The Last Garrison” is an anthem that reminds the listener that amidst chaos and turmoil, “Thank …. you’re still alive.” Switching between feral screaming and passionate refrain, creates an intoxicating mix of just anger during breaks and uplifting chorus. Tracks such as “Anaesthetist” further Enter Shikari’s political message, railing against the privatization of the NHS. Whether you agree or not its refreshing to see bands take a stance.

Other major tracks include “Torn Apart” and “Myopia” which feature Chris Batten operatic baritone voice is contrasted to Rou Reynolds’ throat-stripping bark and soaring falsettos. However, Rou joins in on the harmonies proving once again that he can do more than scream.

Enter Shikari have been heralded for their willingness to experiment and The Mindsweep tops all previous releases in that regard. Tracks such as “Never Let Go of the Microscope” and “Dear Future Historians” as well as “Bank of England” are primarily spoken word with instrumentals, focusing more on what Rou has to say rather than the song itself. While many may be off-put by that, Enter Shikari fans will, at the very least, appreciate the inclusion these pieces.

With the release of The Mindsweep, Enter Shikari has still managed to show themselves as a versatile and unique band. The album makes many innovative strides, maintains the signature Shikari punch, and all the while has a message to say.




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