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Running Club encourages students to be active

Leesville Road High School’s Running Club held its second meeting on Tuesday, December 9.

The meeting was held to discuss plans to run the Jolly Elf Trail Run and when to meet after school. The club is new this year, and some of the details are still being worked out.

Running Club is designed for students who are interested in running and want to be more active. “The purpose of Running Club is basically to…encourage people to get out and get active and run,” said Jacob Nelson, one of the club’s two presidents.

Anyone can join, as the goal of the club is to be more laid back than cross country. Instead of rigorous training, students in the club will be able to run at speeds and distances comfortable for them. Students train for different races together, mostly 5k and 10ks.

There are no tryouts, making it welcoming to new runners who were not yet prepared for cross country. Running Club is not in session during the cross country season, making it available to cross country runners as well.

The club is running the Jolly Elf Trail run on Saturday December 13 and also has plans to do the Krispy Kreme Challenge in February. Running Club has meetings on the second Tuesday of every month, and plans to meet after school to run.




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