Teachers staying active

Mrs. Fishbane (in the blue shirt) takes off from the starting line in the Hatfield and McCoy Marathon up in West Virginia. Running has become a growing trend and hobby amongst all ages.

Students may think that teachers don’t have a life outside of the classroom, but in reality, teachers are very connected with the outside world; and running is as way a lot of them connect. There are many pros from running.

Running reduces heart disease, helps in weight control, helps concentration and visual memory, reduces stress, builds muscle, and helps a person’s overall well being. Running is a physical activity that everyone young and old can do.

According to HowItWorks.com, out of ten of the most stressful jobs, being a teacher ranked 4th next being a police officer and a medical professional.This is because teacher must work in the classroom, at home, and must be prepared for the next day. Running is way for them to escape the classroom, release stress, and improve their body and mind. Plenty of teachers may have hobbies outside of school to release stress, but running seems to be the popular choice.


Srta. Mickens

Hollerung_running-5Srta. Mickens, Leesville spanish teacher, most recently completed a Mud Run which is a several mile long run with treacherous obstacles such as walls, pits, and barbed wire.

Srta. Mickens noted that she, “likes the challenge” and that the challenge is “very different, and something I have to put time into it [running] to become better.” For her, overcoming a challenge is the greatest accomplishment of running.


Mrs. Fishbane

Hollerung_running-3Mrs. Fishbane, Leesville social studies teacher, also enjoys the thrill of running. “It’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues while clearing my mind and doing something active”, she said when I asked why she enjoyed running.

She also loves the way she feels after a long run– “physically exhausted but mentally and emotionally rejuvenated”. Mrs. Fishbane has most recently completed the 2014 Rock N’ Roll Marathon, and will complete the Ellicott City Turkey Trot in Maryland on Thanksgiving day.


Sr. Ross

Sr. Ross, Leesville Spanish teacher, noted that he runs so he can “eat bad foods and still fit into [his] pants.” He also tries to run for companionship and doing something fun with his friends.

As a runner, Ross doesn’t run it win a race but to just go out and have fun instead. “It’s good to be outside and exercising,” he said. “If I have been good about running for awhile, it feels good to be able to run without suffering.”

At the end of each run, Ross most enjoys the “feeling after a good run”, as well as feeling good about accomplishing a task that he had to work for.


Mr. Swan

Hollerung_running-6Mr. Swan, special programs teacher, enjoys running to stay in shape, reduce stress, enjoy nature, and challenge himself “mentally and physically”.

As a runner, he noted that “the best part of running is being finished and meeting or exceeding my time goal.” He likes to run through and explore new locations. Most recently, he has completed an 11 mile race through Eno State Park.


Dr. Muttillo

Dr. Muttillo, Leesville principal, runs for many different reasons: sometimes for exercise, sometimes to train for bigger races, sometimes to reduce stress and put himself in “a good mood”, sometimes for companionship, and even sometimes for isolation.

He noted that, ” I work with people all day, and that can be exhausting. I enjoy the isolation and solitude the running can bring “.

Muttillo and his wife most recently completed the Savannah Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon. He said that the race was fun for he and his wife to run together.

Running has been a way for Muttillo to connect and have fun with his wife (who has completed “countless races” with him), colleagues, and even some students. Several times Muttillo has gone on runs with the men’s soccer team and cross country team: “They were really nice to and slowed their pace way down so I could keep up”. Lastly, he enjoys the aspect of travel when it comes to running races. He has traveled around to the Savannah, The Outer Banks, and other neat places. “We may not have visited these cities without a race”, he said. He said that it is equally exciting to run to get to know a city. “We always end up finding areas I don’t think we would otherwise find.”


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