Dance Concert contributes to the arts at Leesville


Last night, the Leesville dance I, II and ensemble groups performed at their 2014 Winter Dance Concert. The show will go on again December 18.

The show began with “The Clean Sweep” danced by Dance Ensemble. “The Clean Sweep” had an upbeat rhythm and was a grunge-dance with homemade instruments. “Unexpected” by Priscilla Newman was an unbelievable toe dance that kept the audience on their toes throughout the entire dance. The audience applauded throughout the dance and after with much enthusiasm.

“Time of Our Lives” by Jennifer Davis, Albrianna Morales, Kara Ness, Annaliese Petersen, Kylah Taylor and Ashley Tshuma. “Time of Our Lives” was a performance by the seniors in Dance II. They collaborated to create a slideshow and dance to remember their time at Leesville. The audience was all in awe of the sweet memories, such as sporting events or time spent with friend displayed in “Time of Our Lives”.

“The Audition” was a fun and sassy dance by Jen Agather, Anna Longenecker and Kortney Williams. Then was “The Carnival” by dance II which excited the audience with an upbeat manner. “Coming Home” included two boys, Jack Swingle and Shane Song, whose bravery on stage brought a smile to the entire audience. The dance was militaristic and used newly learned skills.

Finally, Dance Ensemble performed “Persistence of Memory” which they will be performing at Pieces of Gold on March 4, 2015 at the Memorial Auditorium.

The concert as a whole had a great feeling of enjoyment and happiness. The audience was enthusiastic throughout the concert and applauded for every dance. For the most part, the dancers were on point with the beat and stayed up with the rhythm of each song. The 2014 Winter Dance Concert at Leesville was definitely a hit.


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