Supernatural is back in action for season 10


Supernatural, a horror based television show played on the CW channel, is moving on to its tenth season.

The show follows two brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), who travel across America fighting the things that go bump in the night, from demons to werewolfs to creatures never even heard of before, all while sorting out their own emotional problems.

Throughout the ten seasons of Supernatural, the plot has changed each season as the brothers face new problems. In these seasons, Sam and Dean have faced death of friends and family, including the times Sam and Dean themselves have died and come back to life. They also hunt monsters, from demons to leviathans (ancient monsters from purgatory). This season, Sam and Dean face a very different problem: Dean is a demon.

Season ten welcomes back Sam and Dean as they deal with “Dean-mon”, as the fans have named him. Dean abandoned Sam to travel with another demon. In “Soul Survivor”, the fourth episode of the tenth season, Sam found and cured Dean, and the brothers went back to traveling on the road and hunting the non-natural.

As a fan, I don’t know where the writers are going with the plot. Many seasons take a few episodes before the problems Sam and Dean have to overcome are revealed. So far, five episodes have aired, and the problem I assumed they would have to fix throughout the season has already been resolved.

The main plot of the show has been put on hold for the 200th episode. To celebrate 200 episodes, the show aired an extra special episode: a musical…ish. The episode “Fan Fiction” included a musical play. In the show, there are books based off of the Winchesters’ lives, and fans from a high school decided their school play would be based off of these novels.

Although the plot isn’t formed all the way yet, there are still many episodes to come. The writers have always managed to keep the viewers attention throughout the seasons, even if some episodes don’t pertain to the main plot. The only way to see how it pans out is to wait and watch.


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