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Executive Council takes Centrals

On Saturday, Nov. 8, Leesville’s Executive Council attended the Central District Conference. It was hosted by North Carolina Association of Student Councils at Gray’s Creek High School. Many schools from the Central District – and the Eastern and Western Districts as well – participated in the event.

The two Exec co-advisors, Keysha Mayfield and Trey Ferguson, and six of the members arrived at Leesville bright and early on their Saturday morning in order to embark on their trip. After an hour and a half of driving, completing registration and setting up for activities, the conference began.

It opened with a couple of welcome speeches followed by a motivational speaker. The speaker told stories of children and teens who overcame indescribable circumstances. The speaker kept a light atmosphere with occasional tear-jerking moments.

Next, everyone went to different workshops where they learned how to improve their home schools. Two LRHS students, Alli Perrin and Shafwat Islam, each held workshops. Perrin talked about homecoming and Islam spoke about teacher appreciation. Overall, the workshops held were fun and informational for everyone involved.

After the workshops came lunch, a service project, home council meetings and one final general session. After lunch, everyone gathered into the gym in order to participate in a Stop Hunger Now activity. Everyone formed assembly lines and managed to make thousands of meals for those who need them.

Finally, everyone gathered in the auditorium once again for a second guest speaker. This speaker used him military experience to teach valuable lessons regarding leadership.

Once the conference came to an end around 3:30 pm, all of the schools went their separate ways, bringing home a boatload of knowledge in order to help improve their schools and communities.


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