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Leesville’s Teacher of the Year

Leesville rewarded Robert Phillips, English teacher, with the 2014-15 Teacher of the Year award.

The award is given to a teacher at Leesville who exemplifies what a teacher should be like in and out of the classroom. Teachers are nominated by their co-workers. Those nominees are then given the chance to accept or decline the nomination.

Mark Mash, Cristina Fishbane, Yvonne Anderson and Cassie Blackwelder were the other nominees for the Teacher of the Year award. All are great teachers, but for this school year Phillips was able to come out on top.

Age 40
Years taught at Leesville 9
Classes taught English III, AP Language, Cultural Media Literacy (elective)
Education Undergraduate at UNC Pembroke, Masters at Appalachian State

“It’s great being nominated [for teacher of the year]. It’s a good feeling having your peers let you know you’re doing a nice job.” Phillips said he never anticipated to win Teacher of the Year, “Considering the other teachers nominated, I didn’t think I would win.”

A lot of work goes into being a teacher, and even more work to be a great teacher. Phillips tries to be as consistent as he can for his students. Phillips said, “I rarely miss days, I’m here a lot, and I think I listen to my students.”

The Teacher of the Year title is an honor for any teacher. Phillips has humbly accepted the title and plans to keep doing what has shown to work in his classroom.



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