First annual Cheerwine mile run

The race proved more difficult for some than they expected. Participants sit to catch their breath after the race.

Need a drink when you’re on the run? The first annual Cheerwine Mile was held out on the Leesville track on October 28.

The Cheerwine Mile is a race in which competitors drink a can of Cheerwine, run a lap and repeat. The rules are: the beverage must be consumed completely before the lap, you must drink said beverage within the established boundary and the drink must not be opened until its consumption. It can not have any perforations other than the tab at the top. The bottle cannot be a “wide mouth” or any other tab to speed up consumption.Contestants must complete this 400 meter process until they’ve done a full mile.

If a participant throws up, they are required to run a penalty lap. If they throw up repeatedly, then they are disqualified.

The winner, Andrew Galamb, used chocolate milk instead of soda. Galamb won with a
7:44 mile but was not included in the Official Cheerwine Mile because he used chocolate milk.

The rules work the same whether you use soda, milk or another drink. The race remains consistently challenging, though milk may bring up other difficulties than soda.

One can claim that milk is more challenging than soda, but all beverages prove their own challenge.

“[You] can feel it expanding in your gut,” said Luke Miller talking about the aftermath of the soda. The argument can go either way, but the race remains a fun event to watch, cheer or participate in.


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