Saving the grade

Having a cluttered binder like shown above is one of the main reasons why students are disorganized with their school work.

With the end of first quarter officially finished, it brought on an excessive, unwanted amount of stress to pull up final grades to achieve something acceptable to show to parents. What if there was a way to avoid that two-week scramble at the end of each quarter? Well, lucky for you, there is.

The key to success in school is simple. It is called organization, and it is something that almost every student everywhere lacks. Here are some tips that will help you keep and stay organized:

Purchase an agenda. Agendas are the easiest way to keep organized. They will help you keep track of all future assignments and test/quiz dates so you will never be unprepared. Agendas can be purchased at Leesville or at local stores for low prices. It is an easy way to keep up all your assignments and will help you plan out what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Organize your binders. Does your binder look like a landslide of papers? If so, then it is time to organize. The best way to de-clutter is to go through your binder and recycle any old assignments that you don’t need. Also, purchasing binder dividers is helpful to keep your notes, homework and test papers all separate and can be easily accessed when a teacher is collecting assignments.

Go over your syllabus. Knowing what your major assignments will be can help you plan ahead and avoid procrastination! The assignments listed on the syllabus are always major grades, so by getting a head start, you can make sure you never miss an assignment.

Organize your notes. Studying plays an integral part in the success you have in school. To efficiently study, you must have effective notes! To have effective notes, you must make sure they are organized. The best way to organize your notes is to eliminate the wordiness and write down key points. Using charts and organizers are also great way to take notes.

All of these tips are simple but can have a profound effect on the overall outcome of your grades. Following these steps will help you keep ahead, avoiding the infamous two-week stretch to bump up your grade at the end of every quarter.


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