A Helio Courier, a plane that can land on the shortest, roughest air strips across the globe, is shown preparing to go up for another flight. JAARS Day offers flights for people to simulate what its like.

JAARS, Jungle Aviation and River Service, is a non-profit organization created to interpret the bible for untouched tribes and communities via air, water or land transport.

It was founded in 1948 to help unreached people groups hear the gospel and read the bible. The headquarters are located in North Carolina.

Tim Johnson has been flying for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) for 32 years.Tim flew in Brazil and lived with native people while supporting and supplying them for 30 years. MAF is an organization that translates and transports the bible through aviation. MAF’s vision is that “every person on the earth will experience God’s love and respond to the gospel.”

In simple terms, MAF is the organization that translates the bible while JAARS is the means of transporting humanitarian groups. MAF, in the past has been strictly hiring “Christian” men for their “Christian” ministry, but as of 2002, they have changed to a humanitarian outreach

JAARS doesn’t operate on its own, they work overseas and usually provide relief with other agencies and organizations. On Saturday, October 11, JAARS hosted an open house to spread their mission and increase awareness for their cause. JAARS is unique because the have a branch for each method of transportation.

JAARS is a missions group whose goal is to spread and interpret the bible.


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