Paradise is coming to Leesville

Leesville drama department advertise showtimes and prices for the play around the school. Performances will be held at 7 p.m. November 6-8

Leesville’s fall play is ready for action. The cast, crew members, managers and stagehands have all been preparing for the preview reveal, which was November 5. The fall production is Vacancy in Paradise, a romantic comedy performed only by Leesville students.

Preparation for the play has been demanding on students but a fun challenge. In the final few days before the play reveal, cast and crew members have stayed at rehearsals as late as 8:00. “Rehearsals have been pretty much everyday. And we work on running scenes over and over until we get it perfect,” said Anne Bowers, cast member.

The fall production will be the first for new drama teacher Ms. Tarson. Tarson has worked with the drama department and students from Leesville in past productions. “Ms. Tarson has adapted beautifully. It’s like nothing has changed, but at the same time everything’s changed,” said Shelby Reilly who plays a lead role in the production.

The cast and members of the play have formed a strong bond over the months of preparation, creating friendships that help on and off the stage. “I think that it is important for us to be comfortable with each other off the stage, it really helps when it comes to performing,” said Bowers.

Cast and crew members have faith that the late night rehearsals and everyday practices will show off. “This play will be just as good if not better than past productions, I am very excited,” said Ford Nelson, male lead.

Tickets for the play will be available at the door one hour before each performance, admission is $8. The play will be performed at Leesville in the auditorium.


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