Home News BTS rages a war on hormones and other K-Pop News for the second half of October 2014

BTS rages a war on hormones and other K-Pop News for the second half of October 2014

BTS rages a war on hormones and other K-Pop News for the second half of October 2014
(left to right) J-Hope, Jin, Rap Monster, Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Suga pose for the concept photo for their new single “War of Hormone.” The song was previously released on their album Dark and Wild.

Aside from the awesome new comebacks and creative music videos, the K-Pop world seems to have lost its ever-loving mind this month!

A government official responsible for the safety measures at a K-Pop event committed suicide after the death of 16 fans during 4minute’s performance. It was reported that in an attempt to see 4minute better, the fans stood on a metal ventilation system that collapsed; the fans fell down a 60-foot shaft. The official jumped from a 10-story building shortly after being questioned by the police regarding the incident.

In other, less depressing, but still cray cray news: Luhan may lose his lawsuit to SM! An entertainment lawyer on the Korean variety show “One Night of TV Entertainment” commented on the situation saying that despite the fact that they’d sued under the same law firm as former Super Junior member Hanging in 2009, SM may have done some serious contract revision since then. I’m assuming that after all of this legal drama, SM may not want to keep Luhan on as an artist anymore, but what happens if they do win?

It’s also been rumored that Kris is having a hard time finding his place in the Chinese market despite the fact that he has been separated from SM for over five months now. It was reported that certain Chinese media outlets are wary of taking him on as a rookie. Ouch.

Now for some good news! BTS released their comeback music video for their new single “War of Hormone” on October 21. The music video has already hit over 1.5 million on the 1theK YouTube channel and half a million on iBigHit’s official YouTube. Some of the BTS ARMY fans have responded negatively to the lyrics of the video, stating that they were sexist or inappropriate for their age. Those who rallied in support of the group said that the lyrics were in no way sexist, and “they were complimenting women and in no way being sexist or objectifying them.”

Another popular comeback recently reached 1.5 million views within the past two weeks. VIXX’s new single “Error” has been killin’ it at Music Bank and the group has been complimented on their creative video in which the boys have been transformed into Cyborgs. The song is also the title track of their mini-album “Error” that was released at the beginning of October.

It is rumored that GOT7 may be preparing for a comeback. The group is currently in Japan on their All Around the World Tour. However, after Nangi, a producer, uploaded an Instagram pic of himself in the recording with a caption that include the hashtag #ackgot7, and IGOT7s went ballistic with anticipation.

And speaking of rookie groups making big moves, two-week-old group Uniq has been recruited by the Ninja Turtle franchise to make the theme song for the Chinese release of the movie. Only four days after releasing their debut single “Falling in Love,” they released another music video for the theme song entitled, “Born to Fight.”

SM’s new rookie girl group Red Velvet made a comeback with a new track called, “Be Natural.” The video did receive some criticism. Fans say that their new concept does not fit their old image at all and that “Be Natural” is a big jump from their debut single, “Happiness.” They also complained that the concept may have been too mature for the members, whose average age is only 20 years old (which I completely disagree with). Despite these critiques, the video has reached over two million views in a little over two weeks.

If these rookies can make it big in a week, I can’t wait for the debuts and comebacks next month.

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