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The Gargoyle review

The Gargoyle is a Novel by Andrew Davidson, published in 2008. It is a story of a man and a woman who had been soulmates in a past life meeting again after a tragic car accident, and the man’s eventual confrontation with his own demons and failures through what is largely metaphorical and often jarringly unique writing. Note that this novel contains extremely adult scenes and language that should not be read by eyes too young.

The book opens with a very lucid and jarringly realistic description of the accident, which leaves the main character a disfigured burn victim with no life to return to should he leave the hospital. The bonds he has formed with other people were weak and based on money- something he no longer has any of.

The story then gives us recap of our tragic protagonist’s pitiful existence. With his parents dead at a young age, the boy spends his precious childhood in the care of people who do not truly care. As he grows he makes ends meet through a shameful career path, and squanders his talents for a life in the adult film industry.

As he loses skin in his hospital bed at the same rate he is losing hope, a woman by the name of Marianne Engel comes to visit him. the story then cuts to a previous life in medieval europe, and unwinds a tragic tale that i will not take the liberty of spoiling here.

Davidson’s writing style is simplistic yet deep- his metaphors and symbolism is deeper. Whether or not some of the things in this novel literally happened or only figuratively occurred can be left up to the reader. It bears a stark contrast to the simple metaphors and stated messages found in many young adult novels.

If you have a strong stomach and a taste for edgier fiction, The Gargoyle might be an interesting read for you. The writing style is unique and the story itself is interesting and deep. However, keep in mind the very adult themes present in the novel.


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