Putting the spotlight on Spanish Club

The auditorium where most Spanish Club meetings will take place

Leesville High’s Spanish Club met for the first time on Monday, September 15. Among the club officers are Amena Razai and Marin Joy, and some of its members is Susannah Bloom and Meghan Picquet, who offered their opinions and testimonials to the benefits of Spanish Club. The Spanish Club is an organization of Spanish language enthusiasts and Leesville community members

According to Amena Razai, the Spanish Club has several events planned for the coming year, including service events created for helping the community and fun spanish-related activities for its members. A typical Spanish Club meeting might entail spanish-related activities and fun things.

“We might play some games, or do some club-related management stuff”, Said Razai

Razai says that anyone with an interest in Spanish and the Leesville community might find enjoyment in attending spanish club, and thanks to SMART lunch, it is no longer required for you to stay after school to attend club meetings, meaning that Leesville athletes might be able to find time for it too.

Despite what you may think, you don’t need to be enrolled in spanish class or know a vast amount of spanish to participate in Spanish Club, says Susannah Bloom. Even those that are taking other language courses are welcome.

Most meetings will take place in the auditorium (across from the gym), during the first part of SMART lunch. There is a 5$ charge for club-related expenses for each member.


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