Women’s golf swings towards regionals

Mary Lewis, captain, prepares to swing during practice. The team travels to Hasentree throughout the week to develop their skills for important matches.

Leesville’s Women’s Golf Team has made many improvements since the end of their previous season.

“This year we have a new coach, we have new members of our team and we’re doing better. At our first match, we got third place…when last year we’d always end up in eighth place,” said Carson Rainey, sophomore. “Coach Hunt is strict. He’s not mean, but he definitely wants us to win.”

The team is off to a great start, but Coach Hunt has even bigger goals in mind.

“What I really want to do is to make sure that we have at least one all conference player…and at least three players advance to regionals,” Hunt said. “I think we have a pretty good shot at that.”

The girls’ growth is due to their hard work and commitment during the summer. Most of the girls began training for the season the beginning of spring by participating in various tournaments.

When asked how she prepared for the school season, Rainey said, “I take lessons with my swing coach…and he fixed me up. So I just practiced a lot before the season started and now we’re all practicing even more together.”

“We’re halfway through the season and we’re…where we want to be. We played an 18-hole match…last week as…preparation for Regionals,” Hunt said.

The team now turns their attention to the season’s more vital, upcoming matches. “Next week is really crucial for…people to post some low numbers to make sure that they advance to regionals,” Hunt said.


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