A call for school spirit


In regards to high school, one would find the experience consists of cheering on one’s school’s athletic teams, proudly wearing the school colors and possibly revisiting the school long after graduation at reunions.

The Mycenaean believes this is only half true with Leesville Road High School.

We find the lack of school spirit here at Leesville rather disheartening. At the football games, we have four to five rows of enthusiastic seniors and many rows of awkwardly milquetoast underclassmen. As a school known for our football program, we can’t help but question how such a dreary crowd could exist here.

While the awkward, mismatched crowd at games is rather large, the dances have a cringe-inducingly small group of attendees at almost every event.

And as for those nostalgic reunions, there weren’t any until 2012. Now, however, alumni are occasionally seen cheering on the Pride at the Homecoming football games.

Leesville has been participating in school spirit activities hesitantly and/or occasionally. Consider this the Mycenaean’s call to action, written in hopes of evoking the Loonie in all of us.

If we attend the dances, we can all have a great time avoiding that ‘everyone can see my dance moves’ awkwardness.

The athletes can feel our support if we all–including underclassmen–show up to games with universal enthusiasm, proving all those days of practice after school were worth it. And if we all show our school spirit a little (or a lot) more, Leesville reunions can get just as much recognition as our football.



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