• November 18, 2019

Am I actually smart or just good at school?

Some people are good at school and some aren’t. Even though I’ve mastered the school system, I can’t say I’m smarter than those who have lower grades than me. (

Andrei Svechnikov: The Cane’s Rising Star

A fan posing next to Svechnikov’s jersey during a season-ticket holder event. Svech has brought excitement to the team and North Carolina. Photo courtesy of Rachel Fearn. In 2018, the

Are senior exemptions dangerous?

Mrs. Wilkerson’s first period AP Literature class works on research projects in the library. You could hear students conversing and laughing as they worked, working diligently but enjoying their time

Je suis Charlie

Freedom of speech was never meant to protect the popular opinions. It’s not for vague or hazy points about weak subjects. It’s meant to protect any and all controversial topics,

Police brutality

Police shoot citizens, citizens shoot police. News sources replay clips displaying crying families of victims and passionate protesters chanting “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” or “Hands up,