Lights, Camera, Action!


This year, several shows and movies have brought recognition back to North Carolina’s popular filming business.

Wilmington (Wilmywood), North Carolina is a popular place for filming. Some of the famous movies shot there include: Iron Man 3, Safe Haven, 28 Days and many more. Southport and Oak Island are some other popular filming spots.

North Carolina has been in the top ten for national filming locations for over 20 years. Bipartisan legislation in 2010 decided to increase the state’s incentives program to be more generous to filmmakers and to keep North Carolina competitive with other large filming states. Incentives have increased from less than $8 million four years ago, to $69.2 million last year.

The way the program works is for every dollar filmmakers spend in North Carolina, they receive a quarter back in tax refunds. This is only for filmmakers who spend at least $250,000, with a payout cap of $20 million.

Many believe that with more films coming to North Carolina, there will be more opportunities for temporary or permanent job creation in the state.

Films such The Hunger Games may have brought over $60 million to local economies, but many others believe that bringing more filming opportunities to the state is not essential, and that the state’s money is better spent elsewhere. The current plan may have created an increase in filming in the state, but it has caused the state to lose money as a whole.

The House and the Senate hope to reach a compromise on a new incentive plan to keep North Carolina competitive with other large filming states such as Georgia.

The current incentive plan is set to expire at the end of this year.



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