NHS: new opportunities to serve

Chase Perren (left), NHS Officer, discusses important club information with a fellow member. The club had their first meeting on September 18 in the auditorium.

Leesville’s National Honor Society has not taken a break since the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

Members and officers have already begun earning volunteer hours throughout the summer for this school year. Members have even given up their time to babysit for the faculty on early release days.

However, multiple improvements have been made to NHS. The club is proud to announce that Mrs. Langlois and 80 new members will be joining this year.

When asked why so many people are intent on becoming a part of NHS, Mary Lewis, senior, said, “It is truly an honor since you are being recognized for your academics, leadership positions, activities and volunteer work. I would definitely recommend NHS to all students. It allows you to help others in your community while having fun with friends.”

Inductions for those accepted in the spring are currently planned for October 1, but these members have already begun attending club meetings and participating in various volunteer opportunities.

The club is also looking forward to helping fellow students by requiring members to become more involved in tutoring in different subjects throughout the year. Babysitting, Sunshine, Teacher Appreciation and Homecoming committees have also been arranged for this school year.

Regarding the many advancements made to the club, Christin Kennedy, historian, said, “I am looking forward to all the new service opportunities that are available this year and…to bettering the club in any way that I can.”



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